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by julia

@snazzytownn on instagram

on these types of nights, i'm so utterly drunken with sadness that i begin to lose my sense of reality as i lay, sprawled out on my bedroom floor, staring up at the ceiling for so long that the bittersweet-sounding song on the old record player melts into the background as i begin to melt down further into the bed of anguish my own mind brings unto itself, unwillingly. the scent of the sweet burning candle, and only other light source aside from the twinkling fairy lights, encasing the dim bedroom into a hug, drift away with the song as i begin to drift into a world void of color. red lipstick smeared, mascara washed away with my very own broken faucets, brown hair sprawled messily out around my head like a messy bush, feet aching from the kicked-off black heels that match my short, deep, crimson-red satin dress, now wrinkled from the night, and eyes filled to the brim with tears, glossy as glass, i've arrived at my circadian destination of a world colored in only black and white, save for all the shades of blue; a place where everyone is drunken and drifted with their own shots of sadness. 

a note from the artist-

"recently, i haven't been feeling 100%, and the past week i've been primarily listening to Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence (yes, i'm at that level). in that time, i've been exploring this website, as it's very new, and became inspired to write something (since i haven't technically written something in months). i found inspiration in both the album, and the website, and i came up with this yesterday, crafting how i feel into a visual setting, using things like 'black and white world' to equate to a world of sadness. hopefully the imagery can provide the readers a vision similar to the one i held in my head while creating! (i recommend listening to 'pretty when you cry' from the Ultraviolence album while reading, as this is the song on the record fading out, and the one that i imagined creating this piece, the one that most inspired it. of course it's just a suggestion!)"

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