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Apologies, Mother.

By Shadrian McPherson

How can the earth be anything if not a woman?

How can she be referred to as anything other than pure femininity?

With her complexity, her fertility

What is she if not sheer divinity?

In her eyes I see the skies

And the unlimited vastness they hold

Her children raise their heads to the heavens when she cries

Her crystal tears, worth more than gold

Atop her shoulders lie the strongest of mountains

Her sternum the plains

The rolling hills, the swell of her breasts

The rivers, her veins

Between the shorelines of her thighs

There is an ocean oh, the ocean!

Its push, its pull, its unforgiving motion

Worthy of nothing less than unwavering devotion

Ruled not by Poseidon nor any male deity-

Her songs sound the waves

The beautiful Amphitrite

The ocean, our mother, our source of life

We thank her with nothing but abuse and strife

I await the day of her righteous reign

For her to rise up and wash us away

Her children, rejected! Oh, the pain!

For men have tried to reach her

And man has overstayed

The ocean never forgets, and she does not forgive

She shall carry your sins in her depth

As long as you shall live

When the ocean is angry she creates a typhoon

She will back down to no one

Be it Jupiter, Pluto or Neptune

When her storm has calmed she will begin anew

For none are as efficient as she

A crystal rain will fall from skies of blue,

Cleansing and cleaning the seas

The breeze will dance atop the mountains

The deer will gallop through the plains

The sound of birds will carry through the hills

And water will run through the rivers, just the same

For what is the earth if not a woman?

And what woman has not overcome pain?

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