Hall of mirrors

By Mel

Take a step forward, and turn right to the dreamer's corridors, its gilded railings and walls layering eavesdropped secrets, secrets hidden, secrets known,

Its a long walk, to the end, a closed in light, spilling from a door that you've not heard of but longed to reach.

A step forward, a glance to the right.

As you walk, the intricate paintings that look regal old and fitting

Now move, twisting turning, changing

A noble knight, to someone you think you know.

Castles to crumbling, suffocating buildings.

Prophecies to fatal doubts, a tale of mettle to one of discovery.

Ravens to sparrows, kings to men,  broken crowns, to feeble titles.

A city of old, a city of new. 

A voice yelling purpose to a cackle of confusion,

And the walls whispered

 who are you? What do you want?

An answer left waiting, an answer unknown.

So while you walked along reaching a door you haven't heard of, it unmade itself.

Somebody to nothing, men to nothing, sparrows to nothing and skies to nothing.

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