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Harmless Crush

By Miriam Hooper

( @miriams.jpeg )

So I wrote this song after I started texting my crush at the beginning of quarantine. It's mostly about expecting relationships or "flirting endeavors" to go badly or to be uneventful, but putting time and effort into them anyway because you still have a shred of hope that maybe, just a little bit, that person likes you back. This crush also developed from a dream I had, so it's also about being aware of your high expectations for someone you don't know that well. 


About me + My songwriting:

I often use song-writing as escapism from reality and from my own feelings. I can write a touchy-feely song and then be able to look at my situations objectively and realistically, which is helpful when I'm feeling sad or upset. However, this habit also helps me to avoid taking my feelings outside of my escapist imagination and applying them to real life. For example, I can write a song about how I am head-over-heels for someone and have no problem leaving it at that and never advancing the relationship. This is my dilemma, and I never would have thought my own music would be my worst enemy.

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