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I Saw You in the Past

By Riane Bayne

I saw you in the past

Running alongside the train tracks.

A chaste little boy in blue.

Chasing things far bigger than yourself.

I saw you in the past.

Walking alongside the train tracks.

A young man in brown

gripping your ticket and beaten briefcase;

derailed by the sight

of that final train.

I saw you in the past

Waiting on the tracks

Looking longingly at the sun.

A man in grey,

eyes filled with moisture

as you lie down

waiting to stain the tracks.

You look at me.

Eyes brimming with wax

as I become more lucid.

An empty man in white


You rise up.

Our hands meet.

Souls weave into one.

artist note-

This final work is about a man from this childhood to his death, being told through color symbolism and coming of age themes.

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