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in luna's hands ii

by kianna

@howtopanic on instagram

after all this time, i’d still steal the moonlight for you 

may the oceans be stagnant for just one night,

for you are more important than a few nightly riptides  

your words are minuscule, but they hold so much might coming from you

let the sun’s rays kiss you as you arise in the morning,

you are a beauty and you deserved to be honored as such

it’s the least i can do to show you that i care so much,

for you are my first thought in the morning

has the ocean kissed your feet lately, darling?

i know the hurt is filling up your cup and overflowing some more,

i know you deserve a break when you visit the shore

has the sand soaked up your tears lately, darling?

i feel your aura when i’m alone and the moonlight shines on my skin

if only you were here, then we could navigate life by each other’s side

i cannot wait til the day your smile destroys my pride

but until then, i will feel your aura when the moonlight shines on my skin

a note from the artist-

this is a piece I wrote about someone dear to me. our relationship is very complex but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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