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man, burning

by terrain walker

@tlw.ii on instagram

a note from the artist-

"Each of these stories is based loosely upon a collection of 3 photographs I took and an ongoing story I am currently working on. Using a 6-word story, a 53-word story, and a 100-word story wanted to give a general feeling of what my story will be like in the end"

Time will inevitably move without us.

Bodies no longer rest in cemeteries. They rest wherever they happened to be at the moment of their last breath. The middle of the street, the dinner table, the grimey stall in a public bathroom. Being ceremoniously buried was a luxury that slowly faded away. Real love disappeared from this world long ago. 

Back when life meant something Eva was a dear friend of mine. Her bright smile and even brighter personality brought a new meaning to my life. Every day meant a new adventure for her and I was lucky enough to be apart of that… She was the one who didn't deserve this. The beautiful world she loved brought to ruin because of the rest of humanity's ignorance. The humanity she believed in so much. The humanity that betrayed her. Regardless she helped others until the day she died. A shining example of blissful ignorance. What a fool you were Eva.



That last one especially is so powerful...

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