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by a.j. sin

@aanji.jadyn on instagram

i'm quite certain

that in a past life, i was honeysuckle

white fortitude in a soulless winter

lemon perfume

they think that a human existence

is a blessed one

we breathe and speak poetry

and we can love and hate and scream and pray

how excited that honeysuckle must've been

to exist beyond the dirt

only to be ripped up

by her roots

a note from the artist-

"I don't personally believe in reincarnation, but it's a fascinating idea to play with. I just kept thinking about how i'd want to be reborn as a flower and avoid all the anger and heartbreak and sadness that comes with being a human, and then I thought about how flowers would probably wish they could live as moving, breathing humans. I wonder if they'd be disappointed."

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