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the realm undiscovered

by isaac bowers

i stare into the darkness before me with understandable hesitation. The deep clings to me with an inescapable grip, pulling me into it's belly. i can't seem to fight it; i'm not sure i want to fight. i willingly allow myself to fall into the depths and wonder: what's to come? a wrenching in my stomach forms as i imagine the great unknown and yet my mind stays at rest. as i leave the years of my living behind me and head into an expedition, one to explore beyond what we know, i feel terror and excitement and, most of all, a feeling i can't quite place. possibly curiosity, maybe tranquility. i have a feeling this underlying emotion isn't meant to be understood, like many of life's greatest mysteries. and so i go, foward, into the beyond, the realm undiscovered, and leave behind all i've known.

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