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Poetry, Jezabel Castillo

I lay on the casket 

of an insomniac

from rumination of 

long gone retrospects 

that cradles my heart 

and lungs. 

My body is choking 

on grief from pungent defeat.

Mourn is all I’ll ever feel

when I think of the oak trees. 

Undergo not feeling 

abiding endearment

chews and spits my grace, 

like picky moths 

eating berries. 

I fall back on 

my hands and knees 

begging for white lies 

covered in honey.

I miss God 

more than I miss 

my relationship with 

a human being.

For a long impious time,

i've been worshiping

the wrong numen.


Jezabel Castillo is a poet from New York. Her poetic themes are meant to help readers find a sense of belonging. She has been published in Every Writer's Resource. You can find her on Instagram @jezabelxc


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