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recurring dream where i’m a pirate

Poetry, Jules Krueger

this i remember

man bound tightly to 

his post atop a 

stumbling ship of 

open shirts bleeding nerves

crusted treasure

perfect indent in between

off white collars

host of hair

smell of salted sea

i taste deep with

bar bed tongue

what life for me 

what life for me

i catch you 

wriggling on my teeth

you bottom feeder

brown mouthed eater

salivating in my

ear do you hear me 

through the seashell

tell me good hold me 



Jules Krueger (she/they) is a 22-year-old writer of fiction and poetry living in Nashville, Tennessee. She lives with her partner GC and her hamster Minion. Jules aspires to publish a novel or short story collection. You can find them on Instagram at @jxkrueger.


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