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The Silent Weight of Letting Things Be

Poetry, Pierce Leon

I think I hate change

and I think I don’t like to admit that

holding on to people, memories

like leaves to a weary tree

when summer ends

and fall begins

I think I hate having to do things I don’t want to

like saying goodbye …

I don’t want to hear how

hard it is for you

you give a hug that betrays its purpose

and you cry the tears I can’t

like trading places …

with who I want to be

for the person I am now

being in a different bed, different city

seeing different faces

wearing different clothes

under different versions of you

I’m wistful

on the couch

I wonder if you saw me as fickle,

as fleeting as the first snowfall

on the coldest night of December

I wonder if it’s human nature

to want things to stay the same

I wonder if it’s alright

that I miss you

it’s been winter for the longest time

I hope there’s a spring breez

the next time we see each other

the wind, an intoxicated friend

you, no longer living

within the confines of my dreams

with this change,

I build a home

In my own arms

with this change

comes a quiet acceptance,

a sort of comfort

in the silent weight

of letting things be


Pierce Leon Vencer, 26, is a New York City based singer and writer. He recently graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Arts in Songwriting. He expresses his love for writing through aiding artists in recording studios, and exploring different avenues to cultivate his creative writing. Find him on Instagram @pierceleonnn


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