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Wildflower Extraordinary

Poetry, Claire Kroening

Days wither

captured comforts to

gently lit pines,

you're a playful-gleam

of living room dances.

Winter solstice sunsets

drown me in moments,

where our hands lay

two feet away

on lovesick, aimless laughter.

Small talk muddles

our deep-cut memories;

where snow-composed pathways

set my world aflame.

You're wildflower extraordinary.


Claire has been a poet and writer for over 4 years, their poetry receiving a topical award from NJ National Poetry Quarterly and publications in over 15 magazines. Claire has a debut poetry book, Pressed Flowers of Adoration, forthcoming. When not browsing the latest zines, they can usually be found working on their next endeavor at a local coffee shop, visiting art museums, and practicing their acrylic painting. They currently reside in Wisconsin. Their instagram is @clairerosek to find more of their work.

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