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Deanna Whitlow

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Deanna (she/her) is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Same Faces Collective. She is an MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago and works as a Collections Research Assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. She is on the masthead of Allium: A Journal of Poetry and Prose. Deanna writes fiction that explores themes of identity, isolation, faith, and nature. You can find her most recent work in Mulberry Literary and Identity Theory or on Instagram @deannalwhitlow

Kimberly Vazquez

Production Editor

Kimberly Vazquez studied creative writing and graphic design at Columbia College Chicago. Originally from Texas, she writes about the border town experience in both fiction and nonfiction and will have a collection of instances titled “Spare Parts” published in Allium. As Managing Editor for the Columbia Chronicle, her work included writing editorials, news articles, editing stories in both English and Spanish and leading the Spanish reporting team, of which she was a founder of. She has aspirations of working in the publishing industry. Her writing and graphic design work can be seen at

Allison Lee Riechman-Bennett

Production Editor

Allison Lee Riechman-Bennett is the author of Of You and For Me, All the Months in December (Bottlecap Press, 2022) and Pandemy Cookbook: We Get Through It (Saalt Press, 2022). She is currently pursuing her MA in English Literature at Washington State University and is a guest editor at Blood Orange Magazine. Her work has been published in Vogue, ShowMe Magazine, and many literary magazines. Her portfolio can be seen at

Lyssie Brown

Poetry Reader

Lyssie Brown (she/her) is a Tulsa based poet, screenwriter and Capricorn-Aquarius cusp with a passion for writing in (most) forms and every Muppet movie ever made. Her work has digitally appeared in The Quarant-Times and she published her first collection of poetry in 2020 titled Modern Renaissance. If she’s not writing poetry vigorously on her notes app, you can engage with all of her musings on A24, cannibalism as a metaphor in literature and more on her Instagram, @lyssiebrown. 

Michaela Godding

Poetry Reader

Michaela Godding is a 26-year-young creative writing high school teacher and private vocal coach. Her debut chapbook, dwelling, was published by Bottlecap Press and can be tangibly or digitally purchased on their website. More of her work can be found in Rabble Review Issues 4, 5 and 7 as well as in the Connecticut Bards Poetry Review Book of 2022. When Michaela’s not writing, singing or teaching, she is most likely eating mac and cheese out of a pan next to a freshly lit candle. You can follow her current projects and upcoming publications on Instagram @god.ding.

Asheley Nova Navarro

Poetry Reader

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Asheley Nova Navarro is a bilingual poet. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Copihue Poetry, Revista Digital el Coloso, Eunoia Review, and elsewhere.

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Roxy Chakrabarti

Fiction/Nonfiction Reader

Roxana (Roxy) Chakrabarti studied English with Creative Writing at Queen Mary, University of London and is currently pursuing an MA in Contemporary Literature at King’s College London. An avid reader and writer, Roxy is interested in narrative theory, works of autofiction and autotheory, and diasporic South-Asian writing.

Cara Hösterey

Fiction/Nonfiction Reader

Cara (they/them) is a queer writer who is currently on their year abroad at Amherst College. They study English Literature and Philosophy. They write personal essays, short fiction and poetry, and are mainly interested in exploring themes of queer identity, femininity and mental health in living under capitalism. They also make collages, and have recently gotten into songwriting.

Hura Gharib

Fiction/Nonfiction Reader

Hura (they/she) is a writer and curator based in the Middle East currently studying Library Sciences and Publishing in university. Their work often focuses on bodies and politics, social changes and love as a radical act. You can find their work on the Same Faces Collective website and their IG account @salhura.

 Georgia Howe

Staff Writer

Georgia Howe (she/her) is a Maine-based creative with a BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. She loves exploring folklore and stories from the woods through a queer and gendered perspective. Along with a number of published articles and short stories, her past work includes creative production for INDEX Magazine as well as editorial work for a number of literary and arts magazines. You can also find Georgia painting, reading fairy tales, baking danishes, or on Instagram at @georgia_howe


 Dallas Knox

Staff Writer

Dallas Knox (they/them) is a 3rd year at the University of Chicago studying religion, gender, and sexuality. They self-identify as a poet/wannabe culture critic and take a special interest in: Black women's writing, Toni Morrison, liberation theology, southern literature and contemporary art. They're also a proud Appalachian hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee and therefore a lover of porches and sweet tea. tune in @ dallas.reznikoff on instagram

Lauren Lagasse Same Faces.jpg

 Lauren Lagasse

Staff Writer

Lauren Lagasse (she/her) is a student studying creative writing and fashion merchandising at Marist College in New York. She enjoys playwriting and experimental short fiction because she can't make up her mind about whether or not she enjoys writing dialogue. She previously served as Editor-in-Chief of her campus literary magazine, Marist Mosaic, and currently sings alto in her women’s a cappella group. Find her on Instagram @laurensydd.

Kendra Payne

Social Media Manager

KP (she/her) is a Chicago-based filmmaker currently pursuing her BFA in film studies. Her work focuses on queer and black stories. Projects that she’s worked on have gone on to premiere at SXSW and NFFTY. When not on set, KP can be found listening to R&B, crocheting, or watching something from her never ending watchlist. You can stay up-to-date with her latest work on instagram @kendranada.

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