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A Summer in Brooklyn

Photography, Cypress Wilde

"A Summer in Brooklyn" depicts two jellyfish from The New York Aquarium in August of 2022. I had a hard time living in New York for college and my partner took me to my first aquarium in gods know how long. I'd always been mesmerized by red lights, so when I was able to edit the jellyfish to be one with the light, I was in awe. I stood at their tank for a half an hour, maybe more, just wishing to swim with them. I'm an avid lover of the sea, I wish I could see them again. They were one of the only good things about that summer from Hell.


Cypress Wilde is a queer and disabled artist and author based in Central New Jersey. They studied Art History at The New School and are pursuing a degree in Marine Biology at their local community college. They have their first poetry chapbook "I'm Stuck in Limbo, But Please Don't Save Me." published with Bottlecap Press. Apart from poetry, they also have art published with Pile Press and Bullshit Lit.


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