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And Just Like That, Aging was Beautiful & Forgotten in Time

Poetry, Samantha-Jean Thayer

And Just Like That, Aging was Beautiful

For the first time today,

I looked into the mirror

At a face that was not my own.

It sat atop my skin as though

it was sewed into the flesh of my neck with translucent thread.

I could only think it must be a facade

or a trick of God.

But it was beautiful

And familiar

And safe

And it took some time And some distance

between myself and the glass

To realize that the face was my mother’s.

Forgotten in Time

When I become a memory to you,

Please remember my eyes,

Were misty mornings,

Rainy days

And withering oaks.

Whether or not you found them

To be as beautiful

As the aftermath to the storm,

Just remember me.


Samantha-Jean is a Canadian writer who likes to explore the relationship between humans and nature via the lens of mortality. She has a particular love for horror movies, fantasy, post-humanism, and post-modernism.

Her love for short stories came to light in elementary school when she began transcribing camping stories for her English assignments, and her love for poetry was born in college during her first Creative writing class.


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