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Poetry, Jonay Sutton

My dear friend scoffed when Emerson said:

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”

and she wishes to strike Mary Oliver across the face.

I long for those words about the heavens

echoing through this muddy river that he claims

is mimicking some form of divinity.

I’ll never tire of those essays and poems devoted

to bird calls and water streamlining through

those forlorn meadows and meek forests.

Praise the spirit lurking in the picturesque—

weaving its way through the dirt beneath my

boots as I stand here in these woods contemplating.


Jonay Sutton was born in Greenville North Carolina but now lives in Chapel Hill. She is studying English with a minor in Art History at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is also a photographer and generally writes poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction.


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