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Forgotten Pixie

Photography, Ella Odell

i'm not entirely sure if i will ever be whole again

there are moments in time when i feel a rush of life consume me, but like the time it is fleeting

as quickly as it comes, it is gone, and i am left with the familiarity of being obsolete

pieces of myself that i curated in my mothers womb have slowly trickled into other souls that i've aligned with, even for a short passing

i have searched for the missing puzzle pieces, aching to once again connect the corners of my life,

but it seems that i've led myself to believe there is an end to the journey of self discovery

must i always bleed myself into others to affix the tether between my soul and my mind?

must i always leave them with a piece of me because i feel they are better suited to put it to use?

because i have began to believe that these fleeting moments of rapture are what it is to love me

blissful, but finite.


Ella is an 18-year-old amateur photographer with a passion for the arts, but specifically photography. She started her photography journey in 2021, and found a love for capturing things unseen. Her work aims to spark conversation and feeling, while also generating a sense of familiarity. Find her on instagram @eoodell.


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