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Poetry, Shamik Banerjee

A service strange my Lord conferred

When I demanded all things fair:

He made a rutted path which was

Full of despair.

I thought that was a gift and went,

But day by day the pits were more

And frazzled when I chode my fate,

He patience bore.

With 'Patience' as my strength and tool,

I filled the hollows one by one,

And soon within a half-year's time,

The work was done.

The road became so even-laid

That others travelled on it too,

But when they thanked I swaggered off

For Pride I grew.

One night, a heavy rainsquall came,

The place it fully did erode,

But those men gladly helped me to

Remend the road.

For all things fair, I asked my Lord,

Despair, Success, and Pride gave He

To make me wit the fairest is



Shamik Banerjee is a poet from India.


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