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By Brooke Landry

"Lentille" is photography/literature series me and my friend Janessa Li are collaborating on. We have several shots with different models but this is the first installation. 

Fashioning and styles make tangible a person’s inner life. The body is the canvas to display the inner emotional, temperamental, and intellectual workings of an individual. 

Does one’s own self-image differ from an outsider’s view of them? 

What are the disparities between reality and perception? 

Are there differences between how one understands their soul and how they exist and interacts with the world? 

Infinite lenses create infinite versions of the same person, and so can there ever be a truth? 

Lentille magazine seeks to explore the reality of “identity” - as existing differently to the self and viewers.

We are creating a photography series, directed by both the artist and model in accordance with each model's own identity

The model's face will never be explicitly shown. 

The model's personal photo series is then sampled to random audiences to gather interpretations

The various outsider's interpretations and images will then be compiled into a single magazine. 

We hope the project inspires you to create your own interpretations and serve to uncover the ere in perception.


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