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Nostalgia is a Part of Growing

By Uma

Eyes wide and bewildered 

You look at me and I feel 

As if I could cry

Tell me about your History, 

where are you planted 

Where have you grown?

I want to learn about the colour of the sky

From you’re childhood home.

Over time, the landscapes that surround 

you will swirl into a new

The sun will brim from a different direction

The way you sense the swell of tears 

from peoples eyes will change

The water from the tap will be cold

The gas oven will breakdown

But you will still hold onto 

Hands in big crowds 

Grasp shoulders in the dark

And wish everyone good night.

You are a child from a land far far away 

You speak tounges that you sipped from 

Water in a creek, mommy never made you 

where shoes on you’re feet

You were free then 

Smiling with locks of gold in the wind

I wish you could be the same now

You played in fields 

And picked flowers for the birds

The human embodiment of grace and 


Some day she will come back

Hands welcoming and warm

Soft and filled with dark sand from a sea 

Thousands of miles away. 

Artist's Note

“Nostalgia is a Part of Growing” is a small insight on my childhood and how one changes over time. It tries to show what growing up in different environments is like. In this poem, I am trying to understand how I have changed in small ways and what sparked it but also show my longing to be a young child again.


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