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the unexpected conversation

Poetry, Ilana Drake

you can pretend

that your world,

my world, is

a picture book,

illustrations of

flowers and

sunshine and

windows that

look into

the stars

but your world

spins faster than

the earth rotates

each hour because

what is a blank

slate, with no

words, can

become filled

so quickly

so your question

served as a

reminder that

your world is

moving like a

u-haul truck,

going too fast

on the highway,

with no brakes

and i want to,

i need to,

i cannot not,

catch up to you


Ilana Drake is nineteen years old and is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University. Her work appears in Blue Marble Review, Bright Lite Magazine, Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, Flare Journal, and other literary magazines and publications. She has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.


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