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Poetry, Angel Page Smigielski

brown girls dipped in small lamp lighting chewing on each other's giggles. low eyes

beaming out of big

minds. you two are not the same anymore. duende does not become you. what you are

is elongated gusto. swimming in baby blue rage & sage green confusion. drowning in

nothing worth mentioning. regardless you touch lips anyways.

perform forbidden dances, beg to become.


angel page smigielski (they/them) is an actor, poet and over thinker who claims chicago and middletown, delaware as home. they began their love of art at 6 and went on to study at Columbia College Chicago, focused on theatre, poetry and ASL. Angel enjoys being around queer black folks, reading books, and their mother.

1 Comment

Jul 01, 2023

Drowning in nothing worth mentioning.. wow

Such a great piece❤️

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