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To the sound of water,

Photography, Nada Hafdi

"To the sound of water, the sun that burns my skin, the gentle breeze that dries the few drops of water on my shoulder, the quiet and slow afternoons, the sleepless nights. To the friends with whom the silence is never uncomfortable, but the conversations are always amusing. To that place where I couldn’t bring myself to dwell on anything, the water would wash all my worries away. I wasn’t sad nor was I happy, I was just at peace, and I wouldn’t ask for more."


Nada Hafdi (she/her) is (almost) 19 years old and currently studying Law and Political Science in Paris. She has been more into drawing and painting her whole life, but has taken a liking to photography last year. She took an old digital camera she had at home and started bringing it everywhere with her. At first, she did it to document her new life after leaving her hometown in Morocco, moving to France, seeing new things, and meeting new people. Now, photography has become another way to express herself creatively. Find her on Instagram @mclovin87441


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